The Account tab exists for adjusting details and settings of the Marketingship account. Company details, User Account and access permissions, Subscription Settings, Email Settings and Social Media service connections can all be added or adjusted here.

Account Management Guide

Marketingship has a wide variety of account management tools to go from registration to full defined campaigns. Setting up company information, creating extra users to define the workload, checking account statistics and upgrading subscriptions with real time price reports, setting up email servers and hard bounce responses, all these things fall into the realm of account management, and each is streamlined for easy understanding and simplicity of use.

Creating Your Account

  • A 30 day free trial will create an account let you test Marketingship for yourself
  • Register your account in minutes
  • Verify your new account and log in to make use of your new account

Company Information

  • Decide how your organization’s name will appear at the bottom of every email
  • Add additional company information such as contact and address details
  • Use company details to add authority to emails, event invitations, and web pages

User Information

  • View and edit your account information anytime
  • Give other people account access by creating additional users
  • Set access permissions to focus user tasks and capabilities

Account information

  • Keep track of Contact and Storage numbers to avoid going over account allowances
  • Purchase a customizable subscription, with automatically updating pricing outline
  • Change your subscription status at any time, upgrade, downgrade, or even unsubscribe
  • Set up a credit card to enable automatic subscription payments

Payment History

  • View changes to your account over time
  • Track each payment made to Marketingship from account creation to the present
  • Adjust history view settings to show greater or fewer payments and changes for a broader or more specific look at payment information

Email Settings

  • Use Marketingship’s mail delivery service, or opt to use your own
  • Set up and test your server connection to make sure your proxy server delivers every email correctly the first time
  • Choose whether or not Hard Bouncing contacts should be automatically removed from contact lists
  • Enter an official account email address for administrative use

Social Media

  • Associate social media accounts to your Marketingship account
  • Post copies of your emails to FaceBook and Twitter when sending emails and event invitations