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Account Information

The account information page is used for tracking and reporting all the vital information you need to know about the account; its total number of contacts, the amount of storage space used, the maximum allowance for contacts and storage, the services purchased, and the account payment information. It can also be used to make major and minor changes to the account.


The basic Marketingship free account has a limit of 2000 contacts and 100MB of hosting space. To increase these limits, a purchased account is needed. Clicking Buy/Upgrade will open the purchase page, where a customized subscription can be created.

The number of thousands of contacts to be your maximum, the amount of web storage needed, the services to subscribe to, the payment cycle, all of these

things can be changed and adjusted to create the perfect subscription.

The price for the subscription is displayed, and is updated in real time as options are selected and changed. A non-profit organization tax ID or coupon code can be used for a discount on the subscription. The Pay Now button leads to the payment page where the account can be purchased via credit card or PayPal.

Existing accounts can be upgraded and downgraded when needed by using the subscription purchase page.


Unsubscribing will immediately end the account’s subscription payments, but the account itself may lose much of its functionality to send emails, publish events and create portals. Reducing the contact and online storage amounts low enough to qualify for a free account, or purchasing a new subscription, will lift the restrictions on the account.

Payment History

Clicking the Payment History button navigates to the payment history page. This page displays a complete record of the Marketingship account, including changes to services subscriptions, and each subscription payment made to Marketingship, for your records.

The date range of subscription changes and payments can be adjusted by changing the visible dates in the fields above the payment list. The number of payments and changes visible per page can be adjusted by the drop down menu to the upper right of the payment list.

Change Credit Card information

Clicking the Update Credit Info Button brings up a page for entering credit card information, to enable automatic subscription payments.

Putting information such as the card type, number, and expiration, and the billing address for a credit or debit card will cause that card to automatically pay for the account’s Marketingship subscription until the card information is changed or the subscription is manually ended.

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