The Portal Homepage

Portal Logo

The Portal's logo always appears at the top of the portal, above every page, and can be changed by clicking the settings button next to the preview of it in the upper left of Portal Homepage.

Your logo can be text based, or it can be an image no bigger than 217 by 29 pixels large, in .gif or .png formats.

Changing the Contact Us Link

Clicking the Change Contact Us web link Button brings up a window with a simple text field.

Changing the web or email address in this field will change the destination of the Contact Us link that appears in the upper right of the portal, above the pages.

Portal Preview

The Portal Preview Button gives you the ability to view a working demonstration of the entire web portal as any previously created Member Type.

Choosing a member type, including non members, will show how your web portal appears to that member level, including only showing the portal pages that member type is allowed to see.

Creating portal pages

In the middle of the page is a header labeled Member Portal homepage that will have two pages, Member Info and Membership Info, listed beneath it. These are system pages and cannot be changed or deleted.

Beneath the list of pages in the Portal homepage is the Add Button, which will bring up an editor to create your page in. This editor has a number of tools, to help you create a useful, eye popping portal for your members.

If you already have a page you like or want to use as a template, you can choose just to copy and paste it into the editor, and the editor will recreate the pasted material, exactly preserving the original format, or you can create a portal from scratch with the tools provided.

View Settings

In addition to a standard set of editing tools such as spell check, font size and selection, formatting, and other basic tools, the editor contains three view modes for viewing your page.

Normal view shows the page along with additional formatting guide marks, HTML view shows the underlying code, and Preview mode will show a static image of the page, free of any markup. These views are selectable at the bottom of the editor window at any time.

Table Tool

If you click on the Table Tool Button you can create a table of any size and cell arrangement, deciding as you create the table how its cells will be arranged. You can also edit any existing table by right clicking on it and selecting Table from the drop down menu.

Adding Events

Event information can also be inserted into your pages as a link or embedded object via the Button. Events are user definable, their purpose and creation discussed in detail in the EventCraft section.

Saving and displaying pages

Submit Button

Saving a new page can be done at any time by hitting the Submit Button to the upper and lower left of the editor. While saving, the visibility level of the newly created page can be set by changing the applicable member type.

Saving as a Draft will keep the new page from being visible to anyone but those with internal access. The page can also be saved to be visible to anyone and everyone, or only a select few Member Types chosen at the time of saving.

To edit a page, highlighting its name in the page list will make the page contents appear in the editor below the page list. Every aspect of a particular page- including name, visibility, and content- can be edited using the same tools used to create it, and saved via the Save Button to the upper and lower right of the editor.

Navigating away from an edited page before saving will result in the loss of any changes.

To rearrange the portal pages, highlight a page in the page list, and use the up and down arrows in the list header to adjust that page’s position in the list.

The topmost page is the leftmost and default page in your portal, and descending pages appear further to the right. The system automatically saves any adjustments made to the order of portal pages.

To delete a page, highlight it in the page list and click Delete. Deleted pages are permanently removed from Marketingship’s servers, and cannot be recovered.

System pages

Each Member portal has several system pages which fulfill specific functions and cannot be deleted.

The Member Info page allows members to edit their own information and contact list subscriptions. Changes made to this page will update the contact information stored in the system.

The Membership Information page shows registered members their current member status, and allows them to adjust their member status at any time. Non members viewing this page will be informed of their lack of member status.

The Contact Directory

The Contact Directory page displays a limited version of the contacts tab in which each contact list can be set to invisible, visible to all, or visible only to select member types, and no displayed information can be edited. The information fields visible in basic, individual, and list views can be adjusted by each member to suit their

preference. Members can search and sort contacts, change their contacts per page, and export selected contacts to a .doc or .pdf file.

The MediaBase

The MediaBase page allows contacts members to view, add, and edit files in the MediaBase. Member access to the MediaBase can be restricted by member level, and the folders of the MediaBase can be also be individually view restricted by changing the view settings for each folder. Editing permissions can also be set for each folder, allowing each folder to be edited by no one, everyone, or only by select member groups.


Custom Contact Information Pages

Every Custom Contact Information Page created via the ContactBaw will also be added to the Member portal. Contacts automatically have editing rights for visible information pages, and can update the system information just like the Member Info system page.

Custom Contact pages are automatically added to the portal when created via the contacts tab. Deleting a Custom Contact Information page from the Contacts Tab or Member Portal will erase the other as well, including all the stored data associated with the deleted page. Leaving these pages as drafts will render them invisible to users but still usable by the system.

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