Contact Management

Contact Management contains all the tools needed to add, import, update, search and categorize contacts and email lists, to effectively organize contacts for email and event marketing campaigns and membership portal.

Contact Management Guide

MarketingShip has the Contact Management tools you need to create contact lists, add your contacts, and organize them according to your preferences. Simple, effective creation, importing, and organizational tools make every step along the way simple and streamlined.

Creating a Contact List

  • Give your contact list a name according to your needs and preferences
  • Rename contact lists to reflect changes in campaigns or marketing strategies
  • Change the subscribability of your contact lists for more precise opting in and out.
  • Reorder your lists to arrange them as best suits your needs and delete lists that are no longer of use

Adding and Importing Contacts

  • Choose the contact lists and the method for importing contacts
  • Give contacts individual attention by adding information one at a time
  • Import numerous Contacts from unformatted text files or hardcopies via Copy and Paste
  • Import your contacts from Excel, CSV, and text files

Searching and Sorting Contacts

  • Search Contacts by Activity History or Contact Details
  • Filter viewed contacts according to Member Type
  • Sort contacts under any visible statistic by clicking on the field header
  • Change the view settings to adjust the number of contacts and information visible at a glance.

Managing Contacts

  • Export and back up contact lists to into various file formats
  • Move and Copy contacts between lists to adjust to new and changing campaigns, or Save selected contacts to create new contact lists
  • Delete problematic contacts and reduce your total number of active contacts
  • Let the system automatically sort and remove hard bouncing and unsubscribed contacts from contact lists

Editing and Reviewing Contact Information

  • View and adjust any contact’s information at any time
  • Check and Update each contact’s Member Status
  • Track each contact’s actions in emails, links, and events with detailed activity histories.
  • Create unlimited custom contact information pages and information fields to suit any need