Contact Management

Contact Management contains all the tools needed to add, import, update, search and categorize contacts and email lists, to effectively organize contacts for email and event marketing campaigns and membership portal.

Contact Management


Contact ManagementContacts are the driving force behind Email Markering, Event Marketing, and Member Management Services.Contacts can be any collection of people with a common interest. This could mean club members, members of a professional association, readers of a newsletter, employees, customers or anyone else you are trying reach out to with a message. Whether you are conducting an email campaign, running an event, or creating a web portal, you will have contacts. Email recipients, Event Attendees, Portal Members, all of these are driven by Contacts. Knowing how to properly manage contacts can greatly enhance your MarketingShip investment.

MarketingShip has the tools you need to:

  • Create, Edit, and organize contact lists for Email and Event Marketing campaigns
  • Perform Add and Import functions on your Contact List to add contacts one at a time or in bulk
  • Keep your contacts up to date with manual editing and automatic overwriting
  • Search Contacts to sort them according to status, behavior trends, or personal information
  • Add custom contact information pages to gather the information your campaigns require
  • Learn contact behavior trends within an Email or Event Marketing campaign and react accordingly
  • Organize your Contacts and Lists to best suit your campaign needs
  • Remove and Delete contacts from lists via manual removal and automatic sorting

With intuitive processes and step by step walkthroughs every aspect of contact management, you can add thousands of contacts and create dozens of contact lists only minutes after signing up.

Main Features

  • Unlimited Contact lists can be limited only to the invited, or set open to the public for subscription
  • Infinitely scalable Copy and Paste and Import tools can add or import thousands of contacts at once from text files and spreadsheets
  • Contact information can be manually updated or automatically overwritten when adding or importing new contacts
  • Detailed activity histories report on every action taken by a contact since signup
  • Powerful Search Engine can isolate Contacts via their Activity History, Details, or Member Status
  • Undeliverable email addresses are automatically removed from contact lists and moved to a specialized list for review
  • Unsubscribed contacts are automatically removed from lists and sorted into their own dedicated folder for reference

Key Benefits

  • Organize and reorganize Contacts and Contact Lists to best suit your current campaign needs
  • Stay on top of your data with contact details and activity history always just a click away
  • Save time by uploading contacts en masse and update existing contact information simultaneously
  • Find contacts in moments by sorting information fields, and searching contacts by activities and relevant details
  • Keep Track of Portal Members by viewing contacts by specific Member types checking their Membership Info, and updating their Status all at once
  • Create more efficient marketing campaigns and portal pages by using Activity Histories to track contact interests.