Contact Management

Contact Management contains all the tools needed to add, import, update, search and categorize contacts and email lists, to effectively organize contacts for email and event marketing campaigns and membership portal.

Managing Contacts

Exporting Contacts

Contacts can be exported into a backup file at any time by clicking the export button, which can export the current page of a contact list or every page of a contact list at once, into a word document, .csv and .xls excel documents, and as an adobe PDF, exporting each contact’s name, address, and additional information.

Moving and Copying Contacts

Contacts are not fixed to a single list, and can be moved or copied individually or in bulk to one or several different contact lists in seconds.

After selecting several contacts via the check boxes to the left of each contact's name, the whole page via the check box in the top row of the contact list, or the entire list via the checkbox immediately above the list, you can move or copy contacts by clicking Move to or Copy To.

Clicking the Move To button will bring up a window showing all of your created contact lists. Contact lists with no mark will contain none of the selected contacts upon saving, lists with a grayed out check contain some, and lists with a green check contain all. The check boxes can be clicked to change a list to receive or remove all of the selected contacts.

Clicking the Copy To button will bring up a window showing all of the contact lists you have created. As with the window shown when using the Move to button, lists with green checks have or will have all the selected contacts after the copy action, gray boxes have some of the selected lists, and empty boxes either have none of the selected contacts or will not have the contacts copied to them, like the source list.

Unlike moving, contacts are never removed from a list when using Copy To, even from a list showing an empty box.

After Moving or Copying contacts, use of the refresh button may be required to show the new populations of the effected contact lists.

Saving Contacts As

Saving Contacts will copy them to a newly created contact list. To save contacts, select them via the check boxes and click the Save As button to bring up a window just like the window for creating a new contact list. Entering a name into this list and saving it will create the contact list and insert the chosen contacts to it automatically.

Removing Contacts

Removing a contact is not deleting them from your system, but removing them from a contact list via the Remove button above the contact pane.

Removing a contact from a list affects only the presence of the contact in a single contact list. If a contact is removed from the only list it is in, is goes to the Unlisted Contacts folder, and will remain there until added to another list. Unlisted contacts are still active contacts, and count towards maximum allotment.

Deleting Contacts

Deleting such accounts is a simple matter of selecting the contacts to be deleted and using the Delete Button. Deleting a contact entirely removes a contact’s information, including activity history, from the system. The tracking information will not be recovered even if the contact is added back. Actions taken by the deleted contact will remain visible in email and link tracking, but without the information of the deleted contact.

After Moving, Copying, Removing, or Deleting contacts, use of the refresh button may be required to show the updated populations of the effected contact lists.

Hard Bounced Contacts

This folder is for accounts that have reported as hard bounced in Bounce Reports and removed from all other contact lists in order to be corrected or deleted as necessary.

Contacts cannot be manually placed into this folder, only removed. To keep contacts in their original folder when added to the Hard Bounced list, you can alter your email settings (Link goes to My Account Email settings page, eventually) and check the option to keep Hard Bounced contacts in their original contact lists. Contacts located only in the Hard Bounced Contacts list still count towards maximum allotment.

Unsubscribed Contacts

This folder is intended for contacts that have opted to completely unsubscribe from any further correspondence from your account and is entirely read-only.

Active contacts can’t be moved into the account, and Unsubscribed Contacts can’t be edited, deleted, or moved. Only voluntary re-subscription will move a contact from this folder. Unsubscribed contacts do not count against maximum allowance of active contacts. Tracking data for Unsubscribed Contacts is not lost and is restored along with re-subscribed contacts.