Contact Management

Contact Management contains all the tools needed to add, import, update, search and categorize contacts and email lists, to effectively organize contacts for email and event marketing campaigns and membership portal.

Creating a Contact List

You cannot conduct a marketing campaign without at least one contact in at least one contact list, so being able to create a contact list is a pretty vital part of the process.

To get started,you’ll need to get to the Contact List by clicking the Contacts tab.

You can also click the Manage Contacts link on the home page to navigate to the lists.

Creating Lists

Clicking the Add Button on the left side of the contacts tab will create a new contact list which you can name, set in relation to your other contact lists, and make open to subscriptions from the Member Portal.

Editing Lists

To edit a list, click on its name to highlight it then click the edit button to bring up an edit window which allows you to rename your list, alter its placement relative to other lists, and change its subscribability.

List Subscription

Enabling list subscription when creating or editing your list does not affect the opt-in or opt-out links that can be included in Emails and Event Invitations. Instead the option enables subscription to that list by members of your Member portal, giving each contact the ability to unsubscribe from a list without unsubscribing from all lists.

Ordering Lists

To order all of your contact lists, click on the order button to bring up a window displaying all of your created contact lists. A selected list can be moved up and down the line of lists by clicking the arrows on the right of the window.

Deleting Lists

To delete a list, highlight it and click the delete button. All the contacts in the deleted list will remain in the system, still in any other lists they were part of. If they were part of no other list, they will be moved to the Unlisted Contacts folder.

System lists, such as the All Active Contacts, Listed Contacts, Unlisted Contacts, Hard Bounced Contacts, and Unsubscribed Contacts folders, cannot be renamed, reordered, subscription enabled, or deleted.