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Starting a New Email

You can quickly create a new emails by clicking the Create an Email Link on the home page after you login to your Marketingship's account.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Mailcraft tab and click the New Email button. Either button will take you to the next step in the process, naming the email and selecting its settings

Email Settings

Email settings are the necessary details for sending your mail, such as from and return address, as well as optional settings such as whether or not to include web copy of your email or a forward link.

Subject: This is the Subject line of the outgoing email. This field is required

Email Name: The Email Name is for internal identification in the email list. If this field left blank, the contents of the Subject field will be used to fill it.

From Name and Address: The name and address that fill the from field.

Reply Name and Email:  The name and address replies will be sent to.

A different reply email address can be used instead of the from email address. This is useful if you require any reader responses sent to a different person or department. However, the From and Reply email addresses must be registered as users under your account.

A From address different from the source address may result in emails being flagged as spam. The default email address can be changed in the Email settings page under the Account tab.

The permission button adds a customizable message into your emails that lets reader subscribe and unsubscribe to your contact lists, letting interested parties opt in, and disinterested parties opt out as they like.

The Forward Email to Friends box places a customizable text link at the bottom of your email allowing readers to forward your message to multiple people at once. Use of this feature is tracked in email statistics.

The default messages for all these options can be changed using the Email Settings page under the Settings tab.

Simultaneous Social Media Publication

The Publish to Social Media option allows you to post copies of or links to your email on Facebook and Twitter. By associating your company accounts with these social media sites, and checking the boxes by each option, you can automatically post copies of your emails to these services in addition to sending them to subscribed contacts. The Social Media connections can be managed from this page, and using the Social Media page under the Settings tab.

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