Event Marketing

A single stop service that lets you create and define all aspects of your events, send out detailed invitations by email, define registration limitations and fees, receive registration and payments online, and track attendance and other event statistics.

Event Marketing Guide

Event Marketing with MarketingShip has the tools needed to create an online presence and publicize an event, and to automatically handle event registrations and payments. No special training needed to create an effective online presence all of your events. We provide tools to lighten the workload and take you through every step, start to finish.

Starting a New Event

  • Start an Event from either Home or Email tab to speed up creation time.
  • Provide vital information like when and where each event is along with maps and directions.
  • Choose to limit your invitation to your members or leave it open to the public
  • Set to close registrations on a given date, at a maximum number of registrations, or manually

Setting Up Fees

  • Decide to have a flat fee, variable fees, or no fee at all
  • Set up pricing options based on Member level, Early payment, Late payment, or mix of options
  • Define your own pricing options to set fees on your own terms
  • Set up automatic payment through PayPal, receive payments by Check, or at the door to the event

Editing the Event Page

  • Change page theme to best suit each event.
  • Table tool adds new customized tables to create or change templates, or change any aspect of an existing theme
  • Copy and paste from any online source and keep the original formatting
  • Automatic registration links are automatically a part of every event page

Add Links to the Event

  • Add Trackable links to your events and invitations to determine which links draw the most interest
  • Create trackable links on the fly, or choose from a collection of previously created links in the Link Library
  • Check link details and statistics while adding them to events and invitations
  • Embed Images and Videos to give each event a personal flair.

Publishing the Event

  • Double Check event details and fee settings to ensure accuracy
  • Review and finalize event page with form preview
  • Let your event go live with single button page publishing
  • Registration link becomes usable immediately upon publishing

Event Invitations

  • Use each invitation to interest unregistered parties, or to send reminders and thanks to registrants and attendees.
  • Edit each invitation to best match the message
  • Send invitations to any contact lists, or to special lists of event registrants and attendees
  • Send invitations instantly or on a schedule, and track the effectiveness of each in both the Event and Email tabs.

Registration Report

  • One glance email reporting lets you see send, bounce, open, forward, unsubscribe, and link click rates for numerous emails instantly.
  • In depth statistic reports show times and dates each action is performed and by which contacts.
  • Bounce report reports which emails couldn’t be delivered, and why, and removes permanently undeliverable contacts from contact lists.
  • Comprehensive Link reporting sends back vital information on every trackable link in every email.