Event Marketing

A single stop service that lets you create and define all aspects of your events, send out detailed invitations by email, define registration limitations and fees, receive registration and payments online, and track attendance and other event statistics.

Editing the Event Page

When the Event Page editor opens, it will already have the event details filled in and a template selected. Editing the event details past this point will not change the details on the event page.

Page Theme

Changing the page's theme, which can be done by clicking the Change Theme Button above the editor and clicking a new theme, will erase any changes you've made to the event and restore the default information, so ensure you have selected a preferred theme before making changes to the page itself.

View Settings

In addition to a standard set of editing tools such as spell check, font size and selection, formatting, and other basic tools, the editor contains three view modes: Normal, HTML, Preview.

Respectively, these modes allow you to view your event with additional formatting guide marks, as HTML code, and  as a static preview of exactly how it will appear once published. Each mode is selectable at the bottom of the editor window at any time.

Preview mode can also be activated and exited via the button in the upper right hand of the editor.

If you already have an event or page you like or want to use as a template, you can also choose just to copy and paste it into the editor, and the editor will recreate the pasted material, exactly preserving the original format.

Table Tool

If you click on the Table Tool Button you can create a table of any size and cell arrangement, deciding as you create the table how its cells will be arranged.

You can also edit any existing table by right clicking on it and selecting Table from the drop down menu.