Event Marketing

A single stop service that lets you create and define all aspects of your events, send out detailed invitations by email, define registration limitations and fees, receive registration and payments online, and track attendance and other event statistics.

Event Marketing


Event Marketing MarketingShip’s Event Management Portal provides you the Event Planning tools necessary to handle an event through its entire lifecycle. Organize and promote the event, arrange registration, collect payments, and track success metrics for your event like registration rate, attendance rate among others. Events can be anything from a national convention to a lunch meeting, a single instance or recurring occasions. Whatever the nature of your event, Event management can help you create, promote, and monitor your event from inception to completion.

MarketingShip has the tools you need to:

  • Create professional looking event registration forms in minutes with our large selection of templates
  • Create private events for members only, create public events open to anyone.
  • Set tiered registration fees based on registration date and contact member level, and collect payments automatically.
  • Publish your event online for the world to see, with an included automatic registration link.
  • Invite contacts to each event with information filled invitations and send scheduled reminders and updates to registrants and attendees
  • Gather new registrations automatically and manually and update registration statuses.
  • Track invitations, registrations, payments, and actual event attendance.

With easy to use tools and informative walkthrough guides, you can begin an event campaign within minutes of signing up.

Main Features

  • Define who can and cannot register for each event with our Registration Module
  • Registration can be set to close automatically at a maximum number of registrants, by calender deadline, or by manual action
  • Flexible and Comprehensive fee settings, automatic payment options and payment confirmation through PayPal
  • Multiple Event Invitations can be sent to any contact list or to registrants and attendees
  • Automated registration handing processes and returns information on each registrant
  • Registration tools enable individual status updates for registrants and track overall information for registrations, cancellations, attendance, and no shows

Key Benefits

  • Defining registration limitations keeps events limited to the appropriate audiences
  • Event invitations generate new interest in your other events and services
  • Event embedding lets you cross promote promote special events in Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Reminders and updates ensure registrants remember your events and attendees know your appreciation
  • Automatic online registration lets would be attendees sign up for your event at any time of day or night
  • Payment Processing through PayPal gives you more time to focus on more important details