Event Marketing

A single stop service that lets you create and define all aspects of your events, send out detailed invitations by email, define registration limitations and fees, receive registration and payments online, and track attendance and other event statistics.

Event Invitations

After Publishing an Event, it needs to be publicized. There are two ways to do this, inserting event details into an email and sending out invitations to the event.

Starting an Event Invitation is done by clicking the Invite Button, which is visible when viewing an Event’s details.

It can also be done by clicking the New Invitation button under the tab on the same page.

On Starting a new Invitation, you’ll be required to give it a name and declare its settings, just like in creating an email.

The event invitation will look, by default, like the homepage of the event, but can be edited with the same selection of tools with the exception of the theme selector. Emails and web pages can still be pasted into the editor without loss of formatting and edited afterwards.

After editing the invitation, it is ready to be sent or saved. As with Sending an Email, it must be sent to at least one not empty contact list. In addition to the normal contact lists, there are two other special contact lists available; Event Registrants, who have already registered for the event and Attendees, who were present for the event. Invitations to these two groups serve the purpose of reminders, Thank You messages, or information about upcoming events.

As with a normal email, an event can be sent immediately, or scheduled for future release. After choosing when to send, a preview of the invitation will appear allowing you to send a test invitation to an email address. Exiting the preview will finalize the invitation and make it read only.

After an invitation is sent or scheduled, it will appear in a list under the invitation tab and in the Email Reports. In both locations, information on the email and any available tracking data will be displayed.