Event Marketing

A single stop service that lets you create and define all aspects of your events, send out detailed invitations by email, define registration limitations and fees, receive registration and payments online, and track attendance and other event statistics.

Registration Report

The Registration Report tab provides data on registrants and attendees of Events, as well as the ability to add new registrants to an event and update the information of an existing registrant.

Report Tab

On navigating to the Report tab, the most recent registrants will be displayed, along with their registration date and status and their payment amount, date, and method.

Most registrations will be added to the system and be updated automatically, but Registrant information can also be added and edited manually via the "Add Registration" and "Update Registration" Buttons.

Clicking Add Registration will bring up a list of all your active contacts. Selecting one and clicking Save and Continue will let you add the registration status of the contact, as well as their payment status, amount, date, and method, if applicable.

To update a registration, check the box to the left of a registrant’s name and click Update Registration to be taken to the registration update page.

Here you can change the registration status of a contact to registered, attended, cancelled, no show, or leave it as it is.

Similarly you can change the payment status to Pending, Received, Overdue or Failed, and keep track of each contact’s payment amount, latest payment date, and the method used to pay.