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Selling Tickets

To create a Ticket Sales Event select Ticket Sales from the choices presented when you mouse over the new event button.


This will take you to the first page of creating the Ticket event. Here the event must be given a name and can be given an optional description. Both the name and the description will appear on the event's homepage.


Checking enable processing fee will reveal the processing fee options. Processing fees can be added as a flat fee to the entire order, a flat fee per item sold, or as a percentage of the total item price.


The Sale can be closed manually, or after a particular date. Once closed, no more purchases can be made, nor can the particular sale be reopened.


Adding Tickets for Sale

To add a ticket , click the add an item button. This will bring up new item dialogue. Here you'll need to provide a name, a price, the total number in stock, and the limit per customer. An optional description can also be provided.

Tickets can also be restricted to display only to certain member types, only during limited time periods, or a combination of both.

Below the fee options are the payment options. Payments options include Credit Card, Check, or Payment at the Door of the Event.

Checking an event option will expose the note field and other related fields for that option.