Media Base

The Media Base provides a repository to store images, videos, documents, and web pages for later use in emails, events, and portal pages, and provide tracking data on every file, URL, or page stored within.

Adding Media to the Base

There are three buttons at the top of the Media Base for adding links. Each button opens a tool built for adding different types of Links to the Media Base.

New Attachment

To upload files from your computer, click the New Attachment button to open the File Attachment Link tool. Here you can title your link, browse your computer or network file system for the file you wish to upload, and leave notes on the attachment. Any sort of file can be uploaded.


If you want to upload a web page, template, or anything else in HTML code, use the New HTML button to bring up the HTML Page Link tool. The tool has a title field for giving the HTML link a name, and the HTML itself can be written or copied into the provided editor. Web pages can also be copied and pasted into the editor, keeping the underlying code intact.


To link to somewhere else on the web, use the New Url Button to open the URL Link tool. The URL tool has fields for a title, notes on the link, and for the URL address of the link. After entering or pasting in the URL, you can use the Go button to test the URL in a new

                                                     window to ensure it is still live.

All created links are stored in your Media Base and can be reused indefinitely.

Other ways to add links to the Media Base

Even outside of the Media Tab, you can add to the Media Base with several convenient tools that allow you to create new links without needing to navigate back to the Media tab each time.

Insert Trackable Links

The insert trackable links tool- represented by the pushpin and paper icon- is accessible via the Email Marketing, Event Marketing, and Membership Management services.

Insert Trackable Links Tool

This tool gives you access to the new Attachment, HTML, and URL tools available through the Media Base, and lets you insert new and old links into publicly viewed areas. It also has the option to add selected links to be added as images or videos, and attach links to text and images.

Insert Trackable Web Links

Overwrite Option

The Insert Trackable Web Links tool, also available via the Email Marketing, Event Marketing, and Membership Management services, creates a simple URL link, placing it in the editor you are using and also saving the link into your Media Base, under the Quick Web Link folder.

Importing Links

Links can also be imported to the Media Base from any content pasted into an editor.

Right clicking the link in the editor, selecting Link from the drop down menu that appears, and clicking ‘Add to Base’ will import that link into the Media Base in the Quick Link Folder and make it trackable and reusable like every other link in the Base.