Media Base

The Media Base provides a repository to store images, videos, documents, and web pages for later use in emails, events, and portal pages, and provide tracking data on every file, URL, or page stored within.

Creating and Managing Media Folders

The Media Base

The first thing to do is to understand the Layout of the Media Base.

The media folders are visible in the left hand pane. The upper right pane shows the current folder and all the links inside. The lower right hand pane shows information on the currently selected link.

Creating folders

Every Media Base begins with two root folders, Link and Quick Web Link, the root folders. To create additional folders in your Media Base, click the New Button above the folder list.

The window that appears will ask for a name for your new folder. After submitting a name, your new folder will be created as a child folder of the current active folder.

To edit the name of an existing folder, hit the Edit button to bring up another window, just like the window seen when creating a new folder, but displaying the current folder’s name. Changing the name and submitting it will update the folder’s name immediately.

Moving folders

To rearrange your folder structure, select the folder to be moved and click the Move Button above the folder list. This will bring up a window that shows the current arrangement of the folder list. You can choose any folder and and submit your choice to make selected folder move inside the folder you clicked on.

Choosing the current folder, its parent folder, or any of its child folders as the destination will result in nothing happening.

Deleting folders

To delete a folder, first make sure it is empty, as the system will not folder with has links or sub folders to be deleted. After ensuring the folder is empty, select the folder and click the Delete Button. After confirming your decision, the folder will be deleted.


The two root folders, Web Link and Quick Web Link, cannot be moved or deleted.

Folder view settings

There are two settings that will change how you view your Link Library. The first is the number of links shown per page, which can be adjusted from 10 to 100 links per page by the drop down menu in the upper right of the Media Base.

The other is the option to show links from child folders, which shows all the links from a given file and all its sub folders in a single view.

Both the links per page setting and child folder view options are saved automatically, and the saved settings will be automatically applied on each view of the Media Base.