Media Base

The Media Base provides a repository to store images, videos, documents, and web pages for later use in emails, events, and portal pages, and provide tracking data on every file, URL, or page stored within.

Media Base Guide

The Media has all the tools you need to create an organized Base, Add Links to your Base, manage your Links, and keep tabs on the usage history of each link. A variety of simple and specialized Link creation and management tools are always on hand to let you create, manage, and use the links you want.

Creating and Managing Media Folders

  • One step folder creation can make as many or as few Folders as required
  • Edit, Rearrange, and Delete your file folders to create the Optimal Library layout
  • Adjust the Folder view to fit your preferences

Adding Media to the Base

  • Create new Links through one of three simple tools in the Media Base
  • Add links to your Library and utilize them viaInsert Trackable Link
  • Make any pasted Link a trackable addition to your Base with a few simple clicks

Managing Media

  • Edit link names, details, and contents
  • Move links from folder to folder to keep your Base organized
  • Delete extraneous or unwanted links

Media Statistics

  • Complete usage history displays every click for every link
  • Sort the usage history to view link activity by date, contact, or location
  • View contact details and preview click locations without leaving the usage history