Media Base

The Media Base provides a repository to store images, videos, documents, and web pages for later use in emails, events, and portal pages, and provide tracking data on every file, URL, or page stored within.

Media Management

Editing links

Clicking on an existing link will make that link’s details appear in the Lower Right of the Media Base, showing the link’s Title, notes, and other relevant information in their appropriate fields. All of the fields and buttons are live, and can be used to change the link’s details.

Any changes made to a link will be reverted if you navigate away from the Media Base or click on a different link before saving.

Moving links

To move links between various Media Base file folders, first select the link to be moved and click the move button above the Media Base. This will bring up a list of all of your Media Folders. Selecting the folder you want your link moved to and confirming the choice will instantly transfer the link from its current folder to the one selected.

Deleting links

Links can be deleted from your Library to free up space or remove unneeded links.

To delete a link, select the link you want to remove and click the Delete Button above the library. Confirming your choice will permanently delete the link, and all data related to that link, including tracking data, will also be erased from MarketingShip’s records.

This information cannot be retrieved, even by recreating the deleted Link.