Media Base

The Media Base provides a repository to store images, videos, documents, and web pages for later use in emails, events, and portal pages, and provide tracking data on every file, URL, or page stored within.

    Simple, Scalable Folder System

  • Simple, reliable file system for creating, editing, organizing, and deleting Media Folders to structure documents and links according to your preference. Easily upgrade your Media Base storage space to scale to your requirments.

    Intuituve Link Creation Tools

  • Add images, videos, or any other file to the Media base from your computer or off the web with easy to use tools that work in all browsers and operating systems without any additional software.

    Full Integration with MarketingShip Editors

  • Enhance Emails, Events, and Web Portals with your preferred links, images, and videos, directly from the Media Base without having to leave the editor page. Move, Edit, and Update existing files without any interruption in their online availability. Import pasted links and images to the Media Base from any MarketingShip HTML editor.

    Link Clickthrough Tracking

  • Each and every link in the Media Base is trackable, with its easy to read, detailed history of each clickthrouh in any marketing campaign.

    Privelige Controlled Online Access

  • Create an online archive of Pictures, Videos, company documents, answers to frequently asked questions, or anything else. As much or as little of this archive can be made available to your contacts via the Member Portal, and even allow contacts the ability to add and edit select sections of your media base.