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Tracking and Reporting

Tracking By The Numbers

After creating and sending an email, Marketingship automatically tracks data on a number of statistics than can be viewed in brief or in full under Email Reporting.

The Report page under the Email tab displays a list of the most recently sent emails along with a view of multiple statistics tracked for each and every mail.

Statistics for a given email are listed on the same row as the email, to the right of the name, and each statistic is naturally listed directly under its name.

If a number greater than zero appears in a given category, that means that action has happened for or been performed by that number of contacts. A zero in a given field means none of that action has occurred. The particular contacts for any given statistic can be viewed

by clicking any non-zero statistic to call up a list of associated contacts. Further information about each contact can be viewed from this list as well.

The at a glance field for emails opened also displays the percentage of mails opened alongside the total number opened, for instant reporting of delivery success rates.

Bounce tracking

The bounce tracking window shows multiple tracked values. Not only are the addresses of each bounced email tracked, but so too are the types of bounces, whether it was a hard or soft bounce and what type of soft bounce it was

To see a more detailed breakdown of which emails bounced in a particular fashion, click on the number to the right of the bounce description, and all the contacts of that bounce type will appear.

Total Click Number

The total Click Number tool keeps track of every trackable link and every link click in an email, reporting back the link clicked, when it was clicked, and by whom. Further information on each email and contact can be gained by double clicking the name of either. Clicking the email name brings up a copy of the link was used in, and the contact's name brings up their contact information and activity history for review.

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