Membership Management

MemberShip Management has the elements required for making portal pages, seting up member types, permissions, and subscriptions and payments, login and registration pages, and everything else needed for creating a fully functional customer/ member based web portal.

    Intuitive Portal Customization

  • A fully featured HTML editor makes creating the Member Portal simple when building pages from the ground up, or copying and pasting them from anywhere on the web, with Portal management tools to seamlessly edit and organize pages and permissions in moments.

    Contact Information Pages

  • Default and Custom Contact information pages can be made visible to portal members to allow each to make changes and additions to their own information, edit their contact list subscriptions, and upload their vital documents to the portal, or the pages can be made invisible to keep contact from seeing information they shouldn't.

    Contact Directory

  • Allow Members access to select Contact lists with access to the information about their fellow members, or to view special lists to view particularly notable members. Keep more important information private by restricting information visibility to only what members should be allowed to see.

    Access Controlled Media Base

  • Give members read only access to select Media folders to use the links inside- for displaying Frequently Asked Questions or Important Documents, for example- or grant members upload and edit permissions to add to the available information.

    Definable Member Levels

  • Portal Member subscriptions are entirely user defined, with custom titles, costs, duration, access permissions, and subscription benefits, creating a unique web experience for each different member type. Member levels can also be used in Event Marketing to make events exclusive to particular member types or customer levels.

    Multiple Payment Options

  • Set up conventional Check, Cash, or Money order payment options for member subscriptions, or enable credit card processing through paypal and allow Portal Members to purchase, upgrade, and renew their subscriptions entirely autonomously via the Membership Info page in the member portal.

    Customizable Log In and Registration Pages

  • Have a uniform theme across your entire portal by changing the log in and registration pages to your preference. The editable Login widget can also be embedded anywhere HTML is accepted, and makes any page on the web a portal entrance.