Membership Management

MemberShip Management has the elements required for making portal pages, seting up member types, permissions, and subscriptions and payments, login and registration pages, and everything else needed for creating a fully functional customer/ member based web portal.

Member Payment

The member payment page is for setting up how your Portal Members pay for their Subscriptions. Currently, there are three options available for Subscription payments, PayPal, Check, and Cash.

Any combination of the options can be enabled simultaneously. Enabling an option by checking the box next to it will bring up additional information fields for that option.

PayPal Option

The PayPal option allows members to use PayPal to process credit card payments. Clicking this option provides a field for the email address associated with your PayPal account and a field for leaving a message to portal members.

Check Option

The Check option provides a field for leaving a message to the members, and for conveying important payment information such as who or what to make the check out to and its delivery destination.

Cash Option

The Cash option similarly provides a field for leaving a message to the members and for important information like the location to which the payment must be sent.

Enabling an option makes it visible to members using the portal. Disabling an option will remove it from the portal but will not erase the information in the option’s data fields.

Email Options

Below all the payment options is a field in which to put an email address for sending and receiving payment notifications and receipt requests.

Saving your changes will make the enabled payment options available in the Member Portal. Resetting the changes sets the payment information back to the last saved information.