Membership Management

MemberShip Management has the elements required for making portal pages, seting up member types, permissions, and subscriptions and payments, login and registration pages, and everything else needed for creating a fully functional customer/ member based web portal.

Membership Type

Membership types are the various different levels you can make available to your Members. There is no limit to the number of different membership types that can be created, nor to the range of user defined cost, duration, and privileges these membership types can have.

Clicking the Add Button will bring up a blank membership type which can be used to define the type’s name, cost in US dollars, its duration, and the various privileges and restrictions the membership type receives. Clicking Submit will create the membership type and instantly make it available for subscription.

To edit a member type, highlight its name to bring up all its information in editable text fields. After you make the changes you require, hitting Submit will instantly apply the changes to your type and to everyone subscribed as that type. Navigating away without saving will revert any changes.

Deleting a member type is as simple as highlighting the name and hitting delete. Once deleted, the member type will be immediately deleted and any member of the deleted type will be set as Not a Member until you change their membership level manually or they update their status themselves.

The checking and updating of portal member status is performed via the Contacts tab. On the contacts list, the Select a Type dropdown bar can be used to filter the list view so that only contacts of one of your member types can be shown.

A contact's Member details can be viewed by double clicking the contact to bring up their contact details, and selecting the

Membership Info tab to view their status, including their type, payment status and amount, as well as their membership duration and benefits.

To edit these values manually, click the Update button and the fields will become editable. To save the contact’s member details, click Update again. To revert any changes, simply navigate away.

Membership Levels are also of use in Event Marketing. When Creating an Event, Member levels can be used to set registration permissions, allowing only members with the right Membership types to register for an event, and to assign different pricing options for the different member levels.