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Getting started with M-Rewards

No extra steps are required to enroll in or activate M-Rewards, and there is only one step required to begin earning them.

Selecting Email Server

That step is referring another customer to Markeringship

with your referal ID. Once that customer purchases a subscription with Marketingship, you will earn a percentage of their subscription payments for the next two years.

Referal Customers

Your referal number, and a link to a signup page including that referal number are provided in the top left of the M-Rewards settings page. Once a referal customer uses either the number or the link to sign up for Marketingship, they will be added to the referal customer list on the same page.

Referal customers can be filtered to show all referals, all referals with a free market account, or referals with a purchased subscription, and sorted by name, signup date, status, and first payment date. Only referals with a purchased subscription earn you M-rewards, but FreeMarket account users don't count against the two year limit until their first purchased subscription.

M-Rewards Balance

On the right of the M-Rewards page is your M-rewards balance. This balance goes up with every referal subscription payment, and goes down with each withdrawl made. Clicking Withdraw request navigate to a new page where you can request a check for up to your current balance be mailed to you at a given address.

The Withdraw history button brings up a record of each requested withdrawl and its status from the start of your Marketingship account, and the Reward statement shows a record of reward payments and withdrawls, separated by month.

The M-rewards history shows a record of all received rewards over a given period of time, and can be sorted by customer name, the customer's payment date, their total payment amount, the percentage of their payment you receive as a reward, and the reward itself.

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