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CRM Settings

Enabling the CRM

At first, the only thing on the CRM settings page will be the manager enablement checkbox and the CRM rename field.

Checking the box expands the page and reveals the rest of the CRM options. Saving at this point will cause the CRM tab to appear in line with the other Marketingship

services. The CRM label can be changed by changing the text in the name field. The save button will appear after enabling the CRM tab or changing its name, and commits any changes made.

New CRM projects

To add a new project to the CRM solution, click new project. In the following window, the CRM's name can be declared, along with what it calls its tasks.

The type of project the CRM is based around or copied

off of is also declared here. Projects can be copied from a system project type, or copied from an existing project. Once created, a project's type cannot be changed, but all the settings comprising a type can be individually edited, even before the project is created.

The project's visibility to certain contact types and whether it appears in the community portal can also be set at this time.

Project Management

Once a project is created, it can be managed. It's position can be changed relative to other projects via the up and down arrows by the delete button, its name, task label, and visibility changed in the editable fields below the project list, and it can be deleted via the delete button.

Project Settings

To edit the settings for a particular project, click the project settings at right below the project list. It will reveal several customization options for the currently selected project. Field customization adds, edits, and removes custom fields from the project, and allows editing of system defined fields, like ticket states, as well. Default Values sets the values that will appear in each field

upon internal and external ticket submission, if applicable. Page customization makes changes to the ticket submission, edit, group edit, and view pages for internal users and external customers of the CRM. More CRM settings, like email notification, are available under the settings button of the CRM tab itself.

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