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Email Settings

Email Server

When sending emails via Marketingship, you can choose to have Marketingship’s own mail server to make the deliveries, or to use your own.

If you select to use your own server, extra information fields will appear to place the server name and server port into, as well as fields for the access name and password, if necessary.

The connection can also be tested to ensure that Marketingship can successfully connect to the server, to ensure that emails sent through the server will be properly delivered.

Email Address

The email address entered here is the administration email, necessary for site function. It is the default sender email that will be placed in the email headings servers will check against spam filters, the email that will appear in administration emails, such as confirmation and mail reset emails sent to portal members, and the email that will appear in the bottom of every email. By default, the email used to register the Marketingship account is the one that appears in this field, though this can be changed at any time. It is suggested that the email placed here be the same as emails used with other Marketingship services.

Hard Bounce Overlimit and Soft Bounce Overlimit

Contacts which Hard Bounce or Soft Bounce an email have that bounce recorded, and after a certain number of bounces, are automatically removed from each contact list they are in, and appropriately sorted into the hard bounce or soft bounce overlimit contact folders. Here, you can set at which bounce of each type contacts will automatically be removed.

Web Version Text

The Web version text displayed here is the default text for the web version test displayed in the email settings step of creating an email or event invitation. Whatever text is entered here will be displayed in the email settings, and used in sent emails. The first field displays as text in the finished email, the second field as a hyperlink.

Forward to Friends Text

This text is the default text of the forward to friends text displayed in the email settings step. Whatever text is input here will be displayed in every event settings page. This text displays as a hyperlink on the final email.

Permission Text

The permission text field is for writing the default permission script displayed in the email settings stage of email creation and displayed in the finished email. The text can be changed to your liking and enhanced with HTML, but without the confirm and unsubscribe code in place, the permission hyperlinks will not function. The system default text can be reloaded using the reload button to the right.

Email Footer

The Email Footer shows some of the information that will appear at the bottom of every email. By default, only the email address displayed in the footer can be changed, though paid accounts can have the ability to change their footers.

To edit the whole footer, click the Edit Footer button just to the lower right of the footer preview to bring up a window with a text editor containing the current footer code. On this page you can rearrange and delete the existing footer, add in sender email, recipient email, company address, and

unsubscribe merge field codes, as well as member portal registration and login codes and any additional elements to create a custom, professional footer.

Clicking restore default will set the Footer back to the unpaid account footer, and clicking save will commit any changes into the system memory, automatically updating the footer preview. The Footer must always contain an unsubscribe link and must be displayed at the bottom of every email.

To change the Marketingship logo in the email footer, click change badge to bring up the badge selection dialogue. In the dialogue, a row of selectable marketingship badges are available for selection to best match the style of your sent mails.

The badge is a link, leading either to the Marketingship account signup page, or to the same page, but with referal information added so that all subscribers are are automatically added to your referal customer list and earn you M-Rewards for their subscriptions.

The box at the bottom of the dialogue shows how the selected badge will look alongside the rest of the email footer.

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