The Account tab exists for adjusting details and settings of the Marketingship account. Company details, User Account and access permissions, Subscription Settings, Email Settings and Social Media service connections can all be added or adjusted here.

    Unlimited Permission Restricted User Accounts

  • Create as many additional user accounts as required. Assign distinct account access permissions restrict to define different roles and duties for each user account.

    Easy to Read Account Reports

  • Account information keeps track your current contact and storage status and maximum allowances, which can be changed at any time. Payment history holds a record of every subscription change and account payment made over the history of your account.

    Automatic Payment Options

  • Set up automatic subscription payment processing with any major credit card. Recurring payments can be cancelled at any time.

    Customizable Email Footer

  • Paid subscribers can customize the content of the footer displayed at the bottom of every email, adding whatever content, images, or links they desire.

    Social Media Integration

  • Connect your Marketingship account with Facebook and Twitter to promote your Emails, Events, and Member Portal through social networking.