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User Information

Marketingship has the ability give multiple users access to the same account, each with specifically defined permissions and restrictions to Marketingship functions. Additional user accounts can be created and edited using the User Information page.

The first account created when registering a subscription is automatically an Administrator account, and has the ability to use every aspect of Marketingship and create and edit other user accounts as well as their own. Administrator level accounts also have access to each Marketingship service the subscribed to, though an Administrator can remove their own permissions.

User accounts can be added to a subscription via the Add Button on the User information page to bring up a blank account. By putting an available user name, first and last names, email address, and password, you can submit and create a new user.

As a part of user creation, you may also add any optional user information you like, and define which access permissions and restrictions the new account will have using the check boxes to the right of the data fields.

User information can be edited by highlighting the user, changing the information in the data fields or checking and un-checking permission boxes to alter site permissions, and using the Save Button to store the changes. User passwords can be changed by clicking the Change Password button and entering the new

password. Admin level users have the power to change the account information, settings and password of all other users, including other administrator level users.

New users can begin using their accounts immediately, but have to respond to a confirmation sent to their email address before they can begin creating publicly viewable content such as Emails and Events.

Deleting a user account by selecting their name and using the Delete Button will remove the selected account any ability to affect your subscription they might have had. Any additions, changes, or deletions they have made during their time as a user will remain after they are removed. Administrator level accounts can be deleted.

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