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Adding Links

Adding trackable links to your email lets you add content to your mail and allows you to get feedback on the links you use.

Insert Trackable Web Links

Insert Trackable Web Links creates a link to a URL in your email that opens in a new window location.

These links are saved and tracked, and can be found under the Quick Web Link folder in the Link Library for later use.

Insert Trackable Links

The insert trackable links tool gives you access to Attachment, HTML, and URL links, as well as previously created quick links.

New Attachment

The attachment button allows you to take any file on your local network, up to four megabytes in size, and upload it to Marketingship’s online storage space for later use. Any sort of file can be uploaded, and tracked.


The HTML button lets you copy and paste entire web pages and save them onto the Marketingship online storage space. You can write a new page, copy a page’s code, or simply copy and paste a page and it will be pasted without formatting loss.

New HTML Link

The new HTML Link tool lets you link to any place with a valid URL address. The 'go' button opens a preview of your link to ensure it works properly.

All links inserted by the Insert links tool are saved to your MediaBase and can be reused for as long as they are stored with Marketingship.

Adding Existing Links to the Library

If you paste in web content already containing a link, you can add those links to the Link Library and make them trackable links by right clicking the link in the editor and selecting the Link option in the drop down menu. On the page that appears, click the Add to Link Library button

and that link will be added to the Library under the Quick Web Link folder.

Adding Images & Video

Adding pictures and videos to your email is done by selecting the Insert as Inline Image of Video option in the Insert Link tool. The option is only available if the file is a type that can be embedded. Due to being auto loaded along with emails, inline images and videos are not tracked with other links.

Adding Links to Text or Pictures

Adding a link to text or image is an excellent way to add unobtrusive links into the body of an email. By selecting a piece of text or picture in the editor and clicking the Insert Trackable Links button, the text or image selected will appear in the upper left hand of the Link window, and will remain visible in the body of the email instead of the link.

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