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Editing Email Content

The editor is where you build the body of the email to be sent, either editing the template selected earlier, or creating your own template if you opted to make your own.

View Settings

In addition to a standard set of editing tools such as spell check, font size and selection, formatting, and other basic tools, the editor contains three view modes for viewing

Email Settings

Normal mode displays the email with formatting guide marks, HTML mode displays the code view, and Preview mode shows how the email will appear to the reader.

If you already have an email or web page you want to use as a template, you can also choose just to copy

and paste it into the editor, and the editor will recreate the pasted material, exactly preserving the original format.

Table Tool

If you click on the Table Tool Button you can create a table of any size and cell arrangement, deciding as you create the table how its cells will be arranged.

You can also edit any existing table by right clicking on it and selecting Table from the drop down menu.

Adding Events

Event information can also be inserted into emails as a link or embedded object via the EventIcon.Png Button. Events are user definable, their purpose and creation discussed in detail in the EventCraft section.

Merge Fields

To the right of the insert trackable web link button is the merge field button, which can enter dynamic contact information into emails for a more personal touch.

Clicking the button brings up a list of contact information merge fields, as well as options for member log in and registration links. Selecting and submitting one of the contact info options in the list will place the merge field code into the email, and the final email will show each contact's information in place of the merge field. If they have no information for the selected merge field, it will be left blank in the final email. The Login and Registration merge fields will place links to your member portal, if you have one, into the email.

Text Only version

Each email sent by Marketingship has a text only version accompanying it, for the benefit of those whose clients do not support HTML enabled emails. The content of this version is normally generated using the content of the full email, and can be accessed and manually altered by clicking the View Text Version button.

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