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Customizing Event Templates

New Button

By Clicking on the Settings button and selecting Custom Event Template, you can access the custom event template creation window.


Here, a list of each custom created template can be found, sorted by which type of event each is associated with. Clicking a template's name will bring it up, ready for editing, in the window to the right. Clicking the New link will create a new template, using the currently selected template as its base.

The template's theme can be selected from the list of pre made templates available for its type, and can be freely edited using the editor tools provided, by manually adjusting the HTML, or even copying and pasting a site from the web.

Created and Imported templates can display auto-updating event details and the event registration button by adding the proper merge tags:

  • [[EventTitle]] will display the event name.
  • [[EventDescription]] displays the contents of the event description field.
  • [[EventContactName]] and [[EventOrganization]] display the event contact and contact information.
  • [[EventDateTime]] displays the full start and and dates and times for the event.
  • [[EventLocation]] and [[EventAddress]] show the location and address of the event.
  • [[EventMapDirection]] and [[EventTextDirection]] display the street map and driving instructions.
  • [[EventRegister]] places the event registration link into the the event page.

If the merge fields are included in a template but the information is not used in defining the event, they will be left blank in the finished web page.

Once completed, the custom editor will appear alongside all other templates available for its event type during the homepage editing phase of event creation.