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Creating a Donation Event

To create a Donation Event, select Online Donation from the choices presented when you mouse over the new event button.


This will take you to the first page of defining the Donation event, givng it a name and an optional description. Both the name and the description will appear on the event homepage.


The donation can be closed manually, or after a particular date. Once the Donation closes, it can no longer recieve new registrations.


Setting up Donations

The event starts with fields for entering a single donation amount and donation description. Multiple new events can be added by clicking the Add Another Amount Button. Donation amounts cannot be 0.


A donator set donation can be added by checking the Include self-enter amount box. A suggested amount and description can be added as well.

Price by Member Type

Checking the Show donation description in front of donation amount box will display the donation

descriptions to the left of the donation amount, rather than to the right.

Below the fee options are the payment options. Payments options include Credit Card, Check, or Payment at the Door of the Event.

Checking a payment option will expose the note field and other related fields for that option.

The Credit Card Processing option allows registrants to use PayPal or Marketingship's own processing service to process credit and debit card payments, and includes a fields for an associated PayPal account and for leaving a detailed message to registrants.

The Check and At Door options allow the registrant to defer their payment to a later date, either check, or at the entrance of the event. Checking the Check and At Door options expose fields for leaving important information for each pay option. Deselecting an option does not erase the information placed in that option, it merely renders it unselectable by registrants.