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Creating a Meeting and Conference

There are two ways to start a meeting and conference event. The first is to click the Craft New Event link on the home tab.


And the other is to select Meeting & Conference from the new button under the EventCraft Tab.


Both methods will take you to the initial page of meeting creation, where you will need to provide a name, for use in the event list, registration reporting, and public display.


The meeting will also need a start and end time, which can be set using the calendar tool to define the date and the drop down menus to specify the time of day.


The Location section can be used to provide any location information required, from a single line location to an actual real world address. A  popup map can be inserted into the event page using the address information provided, as can a set of written directions.


The event contact section has sections for the contact's name, email, phone, cell, and fax numbers, their company name, and website.


If you choose to restrict registration, you will need to decide which Member Types can register. A short message can be left for any ineligible for registration.


You can select to close your registrations automatically at a certain number of registrations, on a certain date, or manually. Closure options are inclusive, so an event selected to be closed by date or registration number will be closed when either condition is fulfilled.


Setting up Fees

The first decision is whether you want the conference to have a fee. If you are creating a free event, you can skip the following steps and begin at: Editing the Event Page.

Creators of Paid events must click the "Paid Entry" option and expose the payment options to decide on a single flat fee, a variable fee based on member status and date of registration, or a self defined variable fee.


When selecting a variable fee, it can be set to vary by member type, early registration, late registration, or any mix of the three.


When setting price by member type, all member types will be listed, even those unable to register for the event. There are no adverse effects from not entering a fee for ineligible member types.


If you decide to set up variable fees based on your defined criteria, you'll need to start by defining some using the Add Type Button to bring up a drop down menu of your options.


Custom fee types require a name, description, and base price. The member types the new fee is available to and the times it is available are also required. A newly created fee type will be added to a list of new fees and be visible to eligible registrants. Custom fee types can be edited and deleted after creation.


Below the fee options are the payment options. Payments options include Credit Card, Check, or Payment at the Door of the Event.

Checking a payment option will expose the note field and other related fields for that option.

The Credit Card Processing option allows registrants to use PayPal or Marketingship's own processing service to process credit and debit card payments, and includes a fields for an associated PayPal account and for leaving a detailed message to registrants.

The Check and At Door options allow the registrant to defer their payment to a later date, either check, or at the entrance of the event. Checking the Check and At Door options expose fields for leaving important information for each pay option. Deselecting an option does not erase the information placed in that option, it merely renders it unselectable by registrants.