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Email AutoResponders

Email Autoresponders are emails that you create ahead of time, time to be sent in response to, or in expectation of, an action or an event. Clicking the autoresponder link will bring up the autoresponder list, and clicking the New Button will let you create a new Autoresponder.

Creating and Defining the Autoresponder, selecting its template, and adding content to the Autoresponder all work exactly the same as sending a regular email, with the difference of the delivery step which starts with two available options, active and inactive.

Inactive is the same as saving a regular email as a draft. Making an autoresponder active brings up a bevy of options for what the Autoresponder will be sent in response to.

An autoresponder can be sent in response to a contact joining a contact list. The email can be set to respond to any contact list subscription, or only to select contact list restrictions.

Autoresponders can also be sent in response to an event registration. An autoresponder can be set to respond to every event registration, or only on selected event registrations Member portal registration can also be an autoresponder trigger. The registration autoresponder can be set to send in response to every member level registration, or only certain levels.

Any Custom Contact date field can be used as autoresponder conditions. Autoresponders for custom dates can be set to be sent either before or after the date in question, and can be set to sent monthly, quarterly, yearly, or only once.

Each autoresponder must be set to send a certain time number of days out from the action or event triggered, entered in the field just to the right of the trigger method. Custom date field triggered autoresponders can be sent before or after the trigger date. Inputting a 0 day response time will send the autoresponder immediately after its trigger occurs.

After agreeing to the antispam agreement, the autoresponder can be saved as active. Autoresponders can be edited at any time, even after they have sent replies. Autoresponder tracking data can be viewed in the Tracking Reports.

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