MailCraft: Type. Click. Finish. Easily Create & Send the PTA Newsletter? Publicize Events with Attractive Email Postcards? Tools & Templates to Make you Look Like a Pro?

Template Selection

Here you can select from a wide variety of professional templates to match the style of email you are trying to send. Templates exist for a variety of purposes, Newsletters, Promotions, Holidays, Templates for a complex variety of purposes are available to every Marketingship user free of charge. Every template can be viewed full size before selection by clicking on the

view details link below the template image.If you are not satisfied with the existing templates, you may always edit existing templates or create your own in the editor and save them for later use.

Example Templates

Creating and Using custom Templates

If you've previously created or edited an existing template and wish to use it again, you can always click the Use My Own Code link to access any previously saved templates. Each saved template will appear, and every template displayed is previewable and usable in emails, like the default templates.

To save a new custom template, click the Email Template button visible at the top right of the screen throughout the email creation process. Doing so opens a new dialogue window displaying a list of all the custom templates in the left pane, with the content of the current template and tools to edit it in the right pane.

Clicking the New button brings up a blank field for creating the template in. The template editor can create new templates via the provided tools, html coding, and by copying and pasting templates into the editing field. Clicking the save button will add the new template to the list and save any changes made to any existing templates.

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