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Customer Testimonials

Several non profits and businesses of all sizes already use Marketingship for their online marketing needs. They all have a story about how Marketingship helps them stand out and connect with their audience. Several tell their stories below.

Marketingship helps us to communicate with our members through email newsletters and raise support and awareness for our events. As someone new to online communications management, the Marketingship team has been incredibly helpful and available to me and my organization!

Julia Strasser - Community Ambassador and Operational Coordinator,
Bayou Land Resource Conservation & Development Council

The biggest challenge we had at NCCBA before using Marketingship was that we could not manage our membership and event planning needs within a single application, which was costing us time, effort, and money. We are happy with the all in one solution that Marketingship provides, and our members enjoy a simpler and more interactive experience.

Frank Wang - President, NCCBA

With multiple user accounts and the multi-lingual support, our offices in the US, UK, and China can all use Marketingship to keep our customers up to date with the most recent developments, news, and product promotions. Marketingship makes communication easier and more cost-efficient than ever.

Jason Hammon - Senior Marketing Director, TechExcel, Inc.

The Marketingship system was so easy that I started my first email campaign in a matter of minutes. Plus, with amazingly competitive prices, web access from anywhere, helpful guides, and truly outstanding customer service, I recommend Marketingship to my customers as well.

Emily McBride - 1st Financial Mortgage

Marketingship Case Study

In addition to customer Testimonials, Marketingship also has an in depth case study of how NCCBA's use of Marketingship has benefited their organization.

NCCBA case study- A One Tool Case Study

   -Download here in PDF or Word format.

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