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The Marketingship solution is an easy to use system comprising three main services, MailCraft, EventCraft, and CommunityCraft, with the support services of ContactBase, MediaBase, and Customer Relations Management. Each area of Marketingship is designed so that, ideally, you can sign up and begin using any aspect of it within minutes, but we understand that some people would prefer some assistance in learning the ins and out of our service.

To this end, we provide a series of quick guides, a detailed user guide, and a series of instructional videos to help you better understand how to use these services.

If you would instead prefer to have a live support technician assist you in learning about these tools, Marketingship offers basic free demonstrations covering contact import techniques and the basics of sending and tracking emails, along with three in depth training courses to help get you ready to take the reigns of your MailCraft, EventCraft, and CommunityCraft experience.

The four available courses are the Free demo, and the Quick Start, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, and each offers a different level of instruction.

The Free 20 minute demo covers the basics of:

  • Creating a contact list
  • Importing contact into lists
  • Creating an email campaign with an existing template
  • Reading the campaign tracking reports.

Free demos may be recorded and used for future instructional purpose.

The $59 Quick Start course is a one hour session with a support technician covering:

  • Signing up for your Marketingship account
  • Importing your prepared email list into Marketingship
  • Understanding email list management
  • Creating an email and saving it as a custom email template
  • Scheduling and sending an email campaign
  • Understanding the email tracking system (open rate, hard and soft bounce, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, etc.)

The $159 Intermediate course is an up to three hour session that covers everything in the Quick Start course, plus:

  • Understanding the MediaBase
  • Customizing the ContactBase
  • Creating your own email templates
  • Event Creation and management, including the multiple event types, event templates, and event registration

The $299 Advanced course is an up to six hour session that covers everything in the Quick Start and Intermediate courses, as well as:

  • CommunityCraft management, with extra focus on:
    • Creating Web portal pages and defining settings
    • Customizing Signup forms and login pages
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) including:
    • Project creation and customization.
    • Project templates, including Lead Qualification, Sales Management, Support Tracking, and Internal Issue Management
    • Internal Ticket/Task/Issue management
    • Customer Portal Integration
    • Email Notification Settings

To schedule your training courses, please sign up here. You can also to call our support technician at 925-338-1759.

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