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Zoom In Evening with Jimmy Lee, President, Tides and Times Group (TTG) USA

North Carolina Chinese Business Association (NCCBA) is pleased to co-host with Carolina Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) a special “Zoom In” Evening with Jimmy Lee, President, Tides and Times Group (TTG) USA.
Jimmy came to North Carolina from China in 2004. The Charlotte-headquartered TTG has since grown to one of the largest U.S. exporters of hardwood lumber, created 300+ US jobs, of which most are in NC, and helped to revitalize region’s lumber industry. TTG is a story of Driving to Success.
Join us to hear from Company president, Jimmy Lee how he transformed $170K into a $50M company with 300+ new jobs in ten years!
Light Dinner and refreshment will be served. Please come in what is sure to be an enlightening and inspiring evening.
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Date: May 19th, 2015
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: The Hamner Institute, 6 Davis Dr, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

NCCBA Member: Free
Non-Member: $15

CV in Chinese: 李建明,盛世集团总裁,浙江金华人,2004年到美国北卡州,在这片陌生的异国他乡,背靠北美丰富的木材资源,从小镇出租屋开始,一砖一瓦的建立他的商业王国,书写了个人奋斗的传奇篇章。如今盛世集团名列美国第二大木材出口商,每月500个货柜出口到世界各地,员工逾300人,工厂逾10多个,分布在美国东南部,为当地带来了稳定的工作机会。盛世集团还热衷社区建设,赢得所在地区好口碑,为华人企业家标杆。李建明兼任南北卡华人工商总会主席一职,致力推广南北卡与中国的经贸往来。

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