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NCCBA Luncheon 9-9-2016


当今世界的经济发展出现了错综复杂的局面, 应该如何看待这些变化? 北卡华人企业协会9月午餐会,特地邀请了田纳西第一银行(First Tennessee Bank)负责国际业务的资深副总裁John Gurney先生就此发表他的研究成果。 他演讲的题目是 全球贸易展望和人民币的国际化” 。他的演讲将包括: 1)我们当今的世界全球贸易的趋势、中国的经济和人民币的发展;2)我们向哪发展当今的世界全球贸易的预测、人民币国际化的主要因素;3)我们看到了什么-  揭开误区、公司的发展趋势。北卡华人企业协会竭诚欢迎您报名参加。

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地点:   Golden Corral, 5006 Apex Highway 55, Durham, NC 27713


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·       John Gurney先生简历:

田纳西第一银行(First Tennessee Bank)负责国际业务的资深副总裁;全面负责该行进出口业务付款风险的管理。他在这个领域有23年的工作经历,其中20年是在田纳西第一银行。他有金融贸易银行家协会(Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade) 颁发的CDCS证书。毕业于曼菲斯特大学国际商务专业。

John Gurney 也在田纳西州出口协会任职。 曾是田纳西州曼菲斯特世界贸易俱乐部的前总裁。



(NCCBA) North Carolina Chinese Business Association invites you for its September luncheon on the Global Trade Prospects and the Internationalization of the Chinese Renminbi Yuan (RMB)


Nowadays the world economy is becoming more dynamic and complicated. How to view this changing economy and what shall we do? NCCBA is honored to invite

Mr. John Gurney, Senior Vice President of International Business from the First Tennessee Bank to present his study and view on this area. His presentation is titled On Global Trade Prospects and the Internationalization of the Chinese Renminbi Yuan (RMB). During his presentation, Mr. Gurney will share 3 parts: 1) Where we are today?  Global trade trends. China’s economy and recent RMB developments; 2). Where are we going? Global trade forecasts; Key drivers for RMB internationalization; 3). What are we seeing? De-bunking myths and corporate trends. NCCBA warmly welcomes you to attend.


Time:              Registration starts at 11:45AM, talk starts at 12:15pm

Date:               Friday, 09/09/2016

Venue:            Golden Corral, 5006 Apex Highway 55, Durham, NC 27713

Fee:                 Free to attend, but attendees have to pay their own lunch.

Registration: (Required)

Parking:         Parking is available in front of the restaurant. (Map is attached

                       below, click for directions)


John Gurney’s Bio:

John Gurney is a Senior Vice President in the International Department at First Tennessee Bank.  In this capacity, he helps companies to manage payment risks associated with exporting and importing goods and services.  He has worked in this area for 20 of his 23 years with First Tennessee.  He holds a professional letter of credit certification (Certified Documentary Credit Specialist or CDCS) from BAFT (Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade) and has a BBA, majoring in international business from The University of Memphis.


John currently serves on the State of Tennessee District Export Council and is a past president of the Memphis World Trade Club. Living in a suburb of Memphis, John lives with his wife of 19 years and their two children.  

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