Leadership Series

Residential Real Estate Market and Financing in Triangle Area

NCCBA Luncheon 11-4-2016

NCCBA proudly present Tip Luliucci from Northside Realty Inc. to give a discussion about real estate transactions in North Carolina and real estate financing.Tip will share his experience based on his extensive experience and knowledge. We would like to invite anyone who's interested in real estate investment to join the NCCBA's Nov Luncheon on Nov 4th, 2016. Following Topics will be covered during the Lecture:

  1. Overview of real estate in triangle area.
  2. Current trends in the triangle
  3. Data analysis and highlights
  4. Conclusion of the Real Estate Market in triangle area.
  5. Questions and Answers

Please come and enjoy the lecture with us!

About Tip Luliucci:

Tip Luliucci had been a licensed Realtor in North Carolina for many years. He is also the team leader for the "RDU Homes You" team under Northside Realty Inc. Due to his excellence in financing and real estate knowledge, he had been ranked Northside's #1 agent since 2009. Tip is also a member of NAR, NCAR, and the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors.

Tip's specialties are short sales, foreclosures, seller financing and other advanced investor transactions. He has been working in financing service companies prior to joining the real estate, as a result, his previous mortgage lending experience comes in handy.

Tip says, "love real estate because I find the whole process fascinating like a puzzle. No two deals are alike, and constantly meeting new people from all walks of life keeps things fresh. I can never say I have seen everything; there's always a new encounter." He loves to meet new people and help them to solve real life problems with his knowledge.